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For an appointment in Bridgetown please telephone: 9761 4558


Rowland Benjamin D.O. is a manual therapist and registered Osteopath with over 30 years experience. He treats muscle and joint problems, such as chronic or intermittent pain with hands-on manipulation. On average it takes three visits to fix one problem and most patients do not need ongoing treatment. If however there are multiple problems or if the problem is complex then it may take longer than three visits – but the goal is to fix problems in the shortest possible time and make sure the problem does not return.

Advice on work habits, posture, stress and exercise are an important component in the overall treatment, and may make the difference in preventing the same problem from returning. It is for this reason that three visits are optimal and recommended.

The first visit includes a case history, examination and treatment and takes about 40 minutes. Follow up visits include a re-examination and treatment and take about 30 minutes. The cost of each visit is $120. Part of the cost may be reimbursed by private health funds.

Rowland is available from 11:30 am to 5 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Rowland is the author of several books including Safe Stretch – a comprehensive guide to stretching which takes into account the similarities and differences between people. Stretching has many benefits and details of the book can be found on the website

Linked with the Safe Stretch book is the Assessment Prescriptive Stretching Program, an appraisal of joint mobility, muscle flexibility and other factors, the results of which contribute towards the creation of a personalised set of stretching exercises. The assessment findings combine with important personal needs to determine which stretches are best suited to the individual, and the optimal stretching program is put together from the stretches in the book.

The Assessment Prescriptive Stretching Program is based on seven parameters: 1. Range of joint movement 2. Posture 3. Body type 4. Age 5. Mobility index 6. History and 7. Needs. Details of the program can be found on the website